Why Us

Simply put when we and your team are done designing, drafting and implementing your contract you understand it.

There should be no mystery to the numbers or to the black and white of the printed page. You will have a Custom Life Insurance Contract or “CLIC” that will be cost efficient, tax compliant, and consistent with your objectives. It will not be canned and the numbers will not be manipulated or mysterious. Only CastleRE provides your attorneys, advisors, banks, trust companies and others the highly unique capability of working directly with us to meet your particular needs. Your advisors can oversee and comment on each aspect of the custom life insurance contract or “CLIC” to help assure your contract is drafted as required with only guaranteed costs and an independently managed cash value. We want it to work as much as you and your professional advisors do. That is our mission and is why CastleRE was created in 2001.

REthink, REfocus and REinvent: Custom Designed Life is the New Standard to transform life insurance from a compelling concept to a unique and exceptional contract that works short and long term.