Our Mission Statement

And The Tale of the Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

CastleRE was founded on the firm belief that there was a much more effective way to utilize cash value life insurance to help clients than the traditional product and policy offerings that are marketed and sold in the traditional US and global life insurance marketplace.

We believe the only way cash value life insurance can absolutely help is if it is viewed as a concept first. A concept that is then developed into a contract of life insurance that is consistent with the advice provided by the client’s professional advisors. CastleRE is committed to helping the client's advisors with this process.

From Bermuda, Castle Re Insurance Ltd has the unique capability to customize insurance contracts and insure risk for families and individuals from more than 120 countries globally. Castle works with advisors on multi-jurisdictional fronts in an effort to meet the diverse needs for each client. This single point of contact and dynamic relationship with Castle provides attorneys, advisors, banks, trust companies and others the highly unique capability to work most efficiently with a global insurance company that has the capacity and expertise to provide compliant insurance contracts for their respective clients on a multi-jurisdictional basis.

We are approachable and available to work closely with the professional advisors in designing each contract of life insurance fro the unique needs of each of their valued clients.

REthink, REfocus, and REinvent: Advised and Custom Drafted Life is the result and is the New Standard to take life insurance from concept to a contract that works.

The Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Someone asked the other day why we are so committed to a particular course of action. That course of action is when it comes to planning for the high net worth client life insurance must be looked at and utilized in a very different manner. In order to do this the perception that life insurance can only be obtained by purchasing the product of life insurance from a life insurance agent must be eliminated. That is a difficult task and we understand it is very difficult to change that perception.

Was at a college graduation a while ago for my niece. The commencement speaker was a graduate of the college my niece was attending. He went on to become one of the best college basketball coaches in the U.S. He told a story about a squirrel proof bird feeder. No such thing, right? The squirrel will always find a way around whatever it is that is suppose to make the squirrel proof bird feeder squirrel proof. The squirrel wants that seed and the squirrel will not stop trying to figure a way around the barrier until he gets to the seed. Well that is the way we are. You cannot get to the seed of the concept of cash value life insurance until you find a way to work around and do away with the perception that cash value life insurance must be a sold product. Just because we grew up with that understanding does not make it an absolute.

There is no question for many, many people the product of life insurance is fine. But if you are a high net worth client who wants and needs a life insurance plan to help complete your long term estate and financial plan the product of cash value life insurance is the squirrel barrier to accomplishing your plan. That barrier must be eliminated to get to best parts of what cash value life insurance can do for you. We want you and your advisors to get that seed and we will not stop until we succeed. That is why we do not sell life insurance policies and why we have no life insurance agents.

Cash Value life insurance as a concept, simply put, can help solve more of the long term estate and financial planning issues that confront the high net worth client than any other concept. But just like any other concept, the concept of cash value life insurance needs to be molded to meet the unique needs of each client, one by one. You cannot do that with a pre-packaged product.

Can you imagine what your reaction would be if your tax attorney or financial advisor tried to sell you a pre-packaged trust product or pre-packaged financial plan? You would high tail it out the door. You cannot draft a trust document or implement a comprehensive financial plan until you know what the client wants to do and there is an agreement on how to do it. Only then can the drafting begin. The contract that makes life insurance work should be no different. A policy is a product the terms of which are already drafted before the client walks in the door. A custom plan of life insurance is settled into a unique contract only after it is understood what the client wants to do and there is an agreement on how to best accomplish those goals. Simply put this means the contract drafting starts after the plan is agreed on.

The barrier to unlocking the potential of cash value life insurance is the perception that cash value life insurance can only be procured as a product. To get to the best part of cash value life insurance, just like the squirrel, you have to decide you want and need to get around that barrier. We know how to break down that barrier. That is why we are so committed to what we do.

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