Is It Right For You

If you Already Own Life Insurance

  1. Are you certain your life insurance policy will deliver the maximum death benefit when your family needs it the most?
  2. Do you thoroughly understand your cost structure?
  3. Are you comfortable the cash value is being invested in the lowest cost manner?
  4. Are you comfortable with the investment options?
  5. Do you really understand your insurance policy and ledgers?
  6. Was your life insurance policy truly custom designed to address your specific planning objectives?

If You do not Have a Life Insurance Plan is it Because

  1. You are concerned that policy the agent was trying to sell would not perform as promised?
  2. The ledger being used by the insurance company was confusing and you really could not get your arms around the numbers?
  3. An off the rack policy could not address your specific planning needs?
  4. Your attorney or other fee based advisor was either uncomfortable with the product offerings, felt the policy would not live up to the promises made by the insurance company, or understood that the policy would eventually become a problem?
  5. Knew other people who were very disappointed in what they bought?
  6. You cancelled the life insurance policy you purchased because of poor performance, frustration with the numbers or other reasons?