Firm Philosophy, A different approach to Life Insurance

Cash value life insurance, in particular variable life insurance, has the potential to help solve more estate and financial planning issues than any other single planning tool.

Sounds like a pretty bold statement for a product that has left a lot of people out in the cold. It is a bold statement, but it is also an accurate one. At CastleRE we do not talk product and we do not sell life insurance policies. We talk concept and how we can help professionals maximize the benefits of the concept of life insurance for their clients.

Life insurance must be approached in a very different way if it is to help efficiently and effectively solve many of the estate and financial planning issues confronting the high net worth client. As a planning concept it has the ability to solve more of these issues than any other single planning concept. CastleRE must work with the professional advisors to help design and integrate the benefits of the concept of life insurance into a final contract of life insurance. A contract that is specifically created for each client based on the unique objectives of that client. There is simply no reason why the final contract of life insurance cannot live up to the unmatched potential of the concept of life insurance.

Our use of the phrase “variable life” is not to be confused with the marketing term of variable life used by other life insurance companies. Variable life is first and foremost a tax term and refers to the type of life insurance company that segregates the cash value of each life insurance contract into its own creditor protected account. CastleRE protects a client's cash value through such segregation. The U.S. tax code calls such a contract of insurance a variable contract of life insurance or a variable annuity contract. CastleRE's Advised Custom Life Insurance Contracts or CLICs are not to be confused with private placement or variable life insurance (PPVUL or PPLI) policies marketed by U.S. life insurance companies. Those policies represent something completely different.

A CastleRE Advised and Custom completed life insurance contract is a tax compliant insurance contract designed, drafted and implemented solely for the client. CastleRE does not do rack policy work. We practice life insurance similar to the way attorneys practice law. Work with the advisory team; listen carefully; and then design and implement a true custom life insurance solution.

We believe you will conclude the concept can be turned into a reality.