• The financial planning power of life insurance

    Life insurance is the only planning concept available that can be developed into a tax compliant custom contract that delivers wealth both income and estate tax free; protects the shifted wealth; has no income tax on the investment account; and provides tax efficient access to the shifted wealth.

  • On the financial future & security of you & your family

    Focus on how the concept of life insurance can now be developed into a tax compliant contract of life insurance the terms of which are unique to each client.

  • The way the concept of life insurance is developed into the final contract

    Life insurance should not be a product that is sold to the client. Rather it should be a unique cash value, custom life insurance contract or "CLIC" resulting from the unique ability of the client’s attorneys, advisors, banks, trust companies and others to work directly with CastleRE.


A custom life insurance contract or “CLIC” that is:

  • Custom designed and drafted based on the needs of each client
  • Transparent and has very low and negotiated costs
  • Understandable
  • Finalized with no gimmicks


The New Standard is the unique ability to work directly with the client’s advisors to develop a cash value CLIC that:

  • Efficiently and securely transfers and protects wealth
  • Protects the invested assets
  • Delivers the maximum benefit when it needed
  • Is consistent with the client’s (not the insurance company’s) objectives


RE-Focus on how to maximize the potential of the concept of life insurance. RE-Invent: the proper way to finalize a contract of life insurance.

  • We took the time and effort to find a better way
  • Castle is dedicated to a New Standard
  • We will help you on the “whys”, “hows”, and “uses” of the concept of life insurance
  • Our philosophy is born from frustration